GUIDO - In touch with ...

... the visitor


GUIDO transforms every exhibition into a fun-filled world of knowledge. As an edutainer, quizmaster, game partner and narrator, it automatically places the focus on the exhibition. GUIDO can be used to create and incorporate information about objects, games, quizes and themed tours into your exhibition. Children, youth and adults can answer quiz questions and keep score of their points.

So it also allows visitors to have a self-paced, convenient, flexible and entartaining visit of the exhibition using the prodided mobile device.

In this manner, the museum not only communicates information to its visitors, but also has the possibility of creating contests and awarding prizes to the winners. GUIDO can thus generate repeat visits.

... the object


Operating GUIDO is easy and convenient. The device is equipped with a bar code or RFID read head and connects directly with the museum object. This provides the user with quick and direct access to information, without having to fuss with complicated navigation menus. Communication thus becomes an entertaining and active experience.

In addition to providing object information - using multi-lingual text, images, audio and video - you can create additional content like thematic guided tours, quizes, use the device as a multilingual narrating device in film rooms, etc.

So by using GUIDO, exhibition organizers receive a highly customizable platform to create versatile, interactive and informative electronic visiting guide for their visitors.

... the management


With GUIDO you can self-manage special themed tours, integrate different media formats or create fun edutainment games. In addition, GUIDO has an integrated content management system which enables you to adapt the user interface and fonts to your museum’s graphics.

GUIDO is versatile and therefore suited for museums and themed exhibitions, collection presentations, archive tours, company tours, showrooms, animal parks, fun-filled city tours, archaeological excavation tours or permanent exhibitions.

A great exhibition ...

  • educates while entertains
  • information arrives right place, right time
  • provides free adventure
  • but still gives you guidelines
  • speaks to you in multiple languages
  • brings fun
  • so, simply unforgettable